the DATE jar

A "his and hers" view of spontaneous, fun and mysterious date ideas pulled from a jar…

#10 Chopped Challenge

This week’s date was called “Chopped Challenge.”  In this we were to have a cook off and judge each other on our cooking abilities based off of a set criteria.  … Continue reading

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#9 Total Darkness Date

What hath The Date Jar bestowed upon us this time you ask?  Yes, the TOTAL DARKNESS DATE!  The idea of this date was to make the house as dark as … Continue reading

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#8 Walmart Bingo

We began planning for this date by checking Google to see if we could actually find Walmart Bingo cards.  There were plenty!!! We chose 3 different cards to use during … Continue reading

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#7 Thrift Store Prom Date

This week’s date was for the gutsy!  We were to prepare an outfit as if we were going to a high school prom but only with items found at a … Continue reading

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#6 Date for Her from Him

Okay, the premiss of this date was simple.  The date in it’s entirety was to be planned and kept secret by the man (Stephen) for the woman (Jessica).  This date … Continue reading

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#5 Homemade Bubbles

Date number five as given to us by the almighty Date Jar, was to make homemade bubbles and have an afternoon relaxing with bubble fun.  Believe it or not, creating … Continue reading

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#4 Half and Half

This week’s date we like to call “Half and Half” because each of us would plan half of the date.  One of us was in charge of planning the activity … Continue reading

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